I have started a new site at bsmconnect Robotics. It consists of topics on robotics, training, problems I run across and ideas for expanding the robot and why. The topics can cover anywhere from programming hardware, adding features to expand the robot, learning the software programming language, micro-controllers, motors and servos and interfacing. Thru my research on the project, I have decided to use the Parallax family of products and training as the foundation for my robot. I will discuss why I went in this direction instead of others as I continue the project. So if this is a topic you are thinking of considering, have a look!
New review on bsmconnect.com! Not just any cloud, Cloud9 IDE development.Have some great news for developers. Those of you (like me) have been having a fun time writing code for PHP using XAMPP as an APACHE web server on your laptop or desktop. Also I have been using Notepad++ as my IDE development for PHP code. Don’t get me wrong, this combination has everything that you need to develop code and it does a pretty good job. Well one problem is you have to have your desktop or laptop at your side to do the work. Or how about people that have a iPad, no can do until now.

What I have just found is a new product that uses the clouds on the internet. It is called Cloud9 IDE. Once you start using it, you may find that getting your workload done has just become lighter. I don’t mean lighter as doing the programming for you, but lighter because you can basically leave the laptop at home and take the iPad or iPhone. Now I don’t know about you but carrying a 17″ laptop is heavy after 15 minutes. Why not take your iPhone or iPad?Cloud9 is a website that is runned on cloud based computing with a full fledged IDE for program development. It covers (not sure exactly) Python, PHP and Java for a start. It allows you to create a project, and then develop code and test it on line in a browser, all done online. Once the code checks out, you can download it to your computer. It’s like having all the tools that I use on my laptop on the web. I have been runing tests developing code on Cloud9 on the web, and then copied the code to my XAMPP server and it runs like a champ.

I even called it up on my iPhone and it works just great!. Now imagine this, I can run the program on the web and by using Apple TV to my 40″ screen, I have now a 40″ monitor with a 40″ development IDE while sitting in the living room! Now how can you beat that! Or better still, if you have a iPad, you can now develop software on the iPad over the web, or on any other tablet that has web access! With Cloud9 this is now possible!

So now you know why I’m so excited about this new product! I highly recommend this to any developer, because it will make your work as a more enjoyable experience anywhere (on a vacation, plane, boat, train, car, bus  …. )!

I just had to post this because it falls under my idea as using my phone as a portable computer. I just tried a app that does just that. It is called AlwaysOnPC, and believe me it is just that. Since I used Office on my PC, it would be nice to be able to use Office on my phone. Well the phone does have the same type of apps but there is always something that isn't quite right. Well anyway the app above is running on the web and it looks like a PC running on Linux. It has the full complement of Office software and it's just about everything. It is a new form of Office called Office365. It allow you to develop Office docs on this online PC and store them on Dropbox. So you need to complete a doc on your PC while away from your desk or laptop computer? Just copy to Dropbox and when on the road, transfer to your online PC and continue working on it ON YOUR PHONE! When finished, save to Dropbox and it's ready to load on your laptop. There is also games online, utilities and other software, browse the Internet and so on just like you have a PC! It also responds to my Bluetooth keyboard very well on my phone. if you are like me and use your phone as a computer, this will make it a portable tablet computer! It only costs $19.95 to buy and it is well worth it. I give it 5 stars!


bsmconnect Game Developer Site

I have some great news! I have just started a game development site on bsmconnect.com. It will carry news, software reviews, programming tips, and training. This site may also carry topics from The Mobile iPhone Gamer site that I run on Blogspot. The easiest way to get to the site on this site is to go to the topic navigation listing, and it will be under the game development selection. There you can get more information. Hope to hear from you!

Here is some great news! I just found out about a new product that is being added to bsmconnect.com’s site as this is being written. I am in the process of adding to the site a membership based software which will in turn take care of my products, it has an autoresponder feature for topics and email, and so much more.

It is based on a product called MembersGear. It has everything and more for controlling content based with products. It will be a membership based so you will need to sign up and log on to get access to the content. One nice thing is it is not controlled by anyone else which makes for a more secure environment. The more premium content available, such as training will be controlled by a subscription. One of the topics in mind is a training course for Forex investing, which is planned for the near future.

As for right now I do have a link to my membership site’s main page and that’s all. There is a link at the bottom of that page to visit the MembersGear site to read about this system.

Link to see current membership site :

bsmconnect Membership Site

Link to bsmconnect.com:


Also look for the live demo of this software when your on the site. It really give a great view of what this software is capable of!

The best way for now to get updated is to sign up for the bsmconnect newsletter located on the main page of bsmconnect.com  so I can send you information as it becomes available. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Barry Selk

Just added a new feature to my Amazon related sites on bsmconnect.com. If you go to the Amazon related  sites, you will  see a bar at the top of the page. This bar allows you to do a search for an Amazon product right from the site. No longer do you need to log in to the Amazon web site. I can be done from here. Just enter the product you want to search for, select the catagories and within seconds you will come up with a list of related products on Amazon! All you need to do is click on the picture title and a new window will go to the Amazon product page for more information on the product. Also you can click on the add to cart to add it to a shopping cart. That’s all there is to it, easy to use, select and buy! Give it a try and maybe you will find something you want!


We just started a new site on bsmconnect.com for development. It consists of website development using open source tools. It uses Apache, MySQL, PHP and Wordpress all set up as a development system. The nice thing about this setup is it is self contained, doesn't need internet, have WordPress, and all runs on a PC, Apple or Linux systems. In this case it is running on my laptop. It allows you to do website development, add plugins, and write software. What is planned is as the learning process creates applications, I will have tutorials on the programming and usage. Signup for the newsletter for ongoing information. It is accessible thru the BarrySelkMarketing site bsmconnect.com.

After doing a lot of tests, I've decided to continue using the GWA Autoresponder. Due to the other autoresponder not delivering emails daily during the test, I stopped using it. So now all emails will be handled by the GWA Autoresponder. There is a newsletter signup form on both my sites. To access the one on Weebly Barry Selk Marketing site, just click on Newsletter! -> Start Here! on the left.

 Here is an update about my autoresponder software. Now I do have on the bsmconnect.com the GWA Autoresponder. One option I wished it would have is  more tags for first and last name, IP address, Autoresponder Name, site name, dates, etc. Well I've been looking at another autoresponder called Infinite Responder autoresponder. The difference between the two is with GWA you do your editing while in Wordpress desktop admin, which means you have the added steps of login, go to plugin software location and do all your editing and then log out when done. After a while it is more work. So what I have done during the month was research for another autoresponder. The reason I went tword Infinite Responder was it has several additional tags that you can place in the emails which shows current information on the server, of your details. Also all admin for the responder such as adding users, messages, emails, tests, responders, etc. is done on various screens that are very easy to use. My overall first impressions and tests show the responder does duel optin and responds to the form input and sends out messages like it should. It also fits my usage because first it is free and second no monthly costs! If it works ok during the next month, then I'll use it for all my sites later. You can help me with my testing by signing up! 

You can signup by selecting the Newsletter -> Start Here option on menu bar at the left.
There is a new update on how to get to the product of the week products. Now by using the left side topic menu, click on BarrySelkMarketing Storefront selection. This will come to the storefront site that show 2 items so far. Just select the Just select the BarrySelkMarketing Products Area. This will take you directly to the BarrySelkMarketing Products Area site. You have 2 ways to view the site. Either look at the main page and seet the items as one long list, or select the right sidebar and select the item to look at. Each item has a description and features of the product plus videos! Just click on the videos to view and you can click to the link at the top to see more information and pics. I hope this site will help you look for items or products you are looking for. Each week I hope to have more products added with information. Thanks for visiting!

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