In the process of working on things I've added more quick links and topics for things I use on the internet. This has become a big time saver for mr because I hate looking things up over and over. Added the following:

Google - You name it it's here
Blogger - Google's Blogger
Weebly - Software for making this site
Wordpress - For Wordpress Blog site
Bitly - Web link cloaker
Wikipedia - A nice all around online encyclopedia
Public Domain - added more links
Facebook - Social networking
Twitter - Social networking
Paypal - products and payment
Clickbank - products and payment

Also added more links for more products I use:

Traffic Swarm - Traffic generator
1st Promotion Pro 2 - Storefront software
Mass Traffic Accelerator - Traffic generator
Member Snap - Membership software
Affiliate Fleet - Affiliate products for sale
Job Crusher - Part of Member Snap for training
Fast Lane Commissions - Blogger and Wordpress site generator

Also updated Website Policy setup and added more navigation links on pages that were missing.

As I said before, these are things I use during my blogging and writing on this site. These are put here for visitors to learn about products that I've been using since I started. All these go to the product page so you may sign up if they sound interesting enough for you to use. 

I found out in my 1st year that there wasn't a place listing products for beginners that were good to start out with. These all were through research that I found very helpful so I hope I can help someone else starting out.

Currently I have these items in the Topic Library. These are not my items, and I don't have them as a sell, but are items that I found to be very helpful while learning and setting any my site. I highly recommend you signup for these products as they are considered high class.

Google Analytics - a system for tracking visitors I'm using

MyOnlineIncomeSystem - a nice general internetmarketing training
Pligus - A web conferencing software 
Vyew - A web conferencing software
MailChimp - an easy low cost email tool
InternetLawComplience - All about legal information needed for websites

I have added some more updates to the site. Here are the following:

MyOnlineIncomeSystem2 VIP - an advance vendor training 
Killer Content - Socrates Killer Content Tool - article writing
Evernote - Online note, pics, video, docs storage tool
w3schools - A training site for website design
MiKoGo - an additional web conferencing software
Public Domain - information on where to look for public domain pictures

All these products are listed as tools I use regularly thru the years and would be good for the beginner and advance users. All these tools are listed as to what they are used for and have links to the appropriate sites.

I have also started a StoreFront for future products. I have put one on there as a signup for a nice system called Share4Profit. It has tons of more information than I can write here. I will discuss this in later posts.

I may in the future post more information about all these products in the Topic Library. For now I'm just getting the layout and mechanics of this site put together and who knows, it may change for a better layout later. Once I have it to where I want to keep it, then I'll write more posts for each

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