In the process of working on things I've added more quick links and topics for things I use on the internet. This has become a big time saver for mr because I hate looking things up over and over. Added the following:

Google - You name it it's here
Blogger - Google's Blogger
Weebly - Software for making this site
Wordpress - For Wordpress Blog site
Bitly - Web link cloaker
Wikipedia - A nice all around online encyclopedia
Public Domain - added more links
Facebook - Social networking
Twitter - Social networking
Paypal - products and payment
Clickbank - products and payment

Also added more links for more products I use:

Traffic Swarm - Traffic generator
1st Promotion Pro 2 - Storefront software
Mass Traffic Accelerator - Traffic generator
Member Snap - Membership software
Affiliate Fleet - Affiliate products for sale
Job Crusher - Part of Member Snap for training
Fast Lane Commissions - Blogger and Wordpress site generator

Also updated Website Policy setup and added more navigation links on pages that were missing.

As I said before, these are things I use during my blogging and writing on this site. These are put here for visitors to learn about products that I've been using since I started. All these go to the product page so you may sign up if they sound interesting enough for you to use. 

I found out in my 1st year that there wasn't a place listing products for beginners that were good to start out with. These all were through research that I found very helpful so I hope I can help someone else starting out.


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