Great news! I have just started my Amazon sales sites and they are now operational. They are located on my BarrySelkMarketing Connect site and you can navigate there by selecting BarrySelkMarketing Connect on the left sidebar. When you arrive on the site read the information located on the main site to get familiar with the navigation.
Now there are two Amazon sale sites on the system. 

The first shows products with comparison to other familiar products. This site is using the AzonProfitPoster plugin to do the work. All you need to do is select and click.

The second site uses the FastLaneCommissions product and is similar to the above site but also includes a video that related to the products. You also select and pick.

I will be posting more products on these two sites, so keep visiting to see what else come up! Also if there is a product you are interested in and don't see it listed, send me a comment or email, and I'll put it on the system. I hope this will become a tool to use to cut down your research when using Amazon.

And remember to sign up for my newsletter because I'll send you information on new product posts.

Thanks for visiting.
Just to let you know, my other site that carries Amazon product ads and my auto-responder has had a major overhaul. It was getting to the point that when I started adding Amazon products to the site along with the other posts, it started getting out of hand because the post list was getting too long. It was getting harder to find other posts and you had to do a lot of scrolling, especially on the iPhone. 

So now I've divided it into specialized sections according to the topic. Now there are 5 separate sites to the information. The main site is like a doorway to the other sites. It also contains the sites policies (Term of Use, Privacy Policy, etc.) here instead of on the other sites. Newsletter sign up form is also located on the main site. There is also a link to get Help Desk help when needed.

There is now a blog site for all topics on the other sites for information. 
There is also two Amazon product sites for posting Amazon products for sale. 
There is also a site for all the sites auto-responder news and updates. 
This in turn make the whole site less cluttered.
There is also links to my main BarrySelkMarketing site for tools, tips, and helpful information to jump to on all the sites. 
So now when on the you can navigate to any site.

I hope these changes make it easier to use all my sites!
Here is something that may or not be humorous that I sent to a fellow marketer that got me thinking:

Just read your PDF and all I can say is 'Been there and done that!' I was laughing because it was me! And after 2 years going on three I'm still working on it. I refuse to give it up yet. I also learned a lot and tried different areas. But I finally sat down and looked at what I bought and organized it and now it is easily able to get to. If I need to write a article, I just click a button. If I need to spin an article, click a button. Work on my sites, click a button. Check email on Google, click a button. So now I know where everything is at, what I need or don't need, and so on. This took me a couple of months to organize it all and now it is a time saver! So now I'm concentrating on using Amazon. My problem was I bought so much mostly good stuff and that is what I decided to use if it is a time saver and has a specialized purpose. So now I've cut down on buying stuff unless it serves a purpose I don't have. But I still hear my wife saying 'Get a job, quit wasting time. (i'm retired! yeah sure!). So I'm still working on this and looking forward to my first buck! Talk about work!

If you have a funny story, leave me a post, I like to here about it!

You may say, what's this? I just discovered the 2 email services I was going to use is free for beginners with 1000 or 2000 max email contacts before it goes to pay. I thought this is cool because I didn't have the funds for Aweber or GetResponse yet. But I discovered that MailChimp and ListWire do not like internet marketers or product emails on their sites. What this means if you were to have an email campaign or sell products, and you had acquired a list of subscribers, they can kick you off and you would loose your list because of their terms of use rules prohibit this type on their system. I was lucky because I had not started any campains yet. Now a year ago I learned about a plugin that uses WordPress and adds a auto-responder of your own on the site! So that is why I generated this site so it will host my auto-responder. So now I have my own auto-responder that I can use forever and it doesn't cost me any monthly fees! I have just installed it on the system, and I will use this for all my sites. It is going to take me awhile to set it up, but it will be worth it! I'll keep you posted when it is fully setup and tested, so stay tune!

As you know, i've added a lot more items that are things I use in making this site. These new thing have to do with getting traffic, hosting, more email sites, and a lot of website tools. Also added product items that I bought and like. Well it got to the point that the topic library was growing to 20 - 30 items long. So I decided because of longer page length on the iPhone while on mobile, I decided to categorize all these items into basic topics. For example the hosting area has sources to get hosting on. So now I've categorized all these into 6 - 10 areas. You go into these areas, and you will find topics related to the category. So now the lists are not as long while using mobile. It will still have the same topics in them. Also the navigation screen and the topic library are set up the same.


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