Here is something that may or not be humorous that I sent to a fellow marketer that got me thinking:

Just read your PDF and all I can say is 'Been there and done that!' I was laughing because it was me! And after 2 years going on three I'm still working on it. I refuse to give it up yet. I also learned a lot and tried different areas. But I finally sat down and looked at what I bought and organized it and now it is easily able to get to. If I need to write a article, I just click a button. If I need to spin an article, click a button. Work on my sites, click a button. Check email on Google, click a button. So now I know where everything is at, what I need or don't need, and so on. This took me a couple of months to organize it all and now it is a time saver! So now I'm concentrating on using Amazon. My problem was I bought so much mostly good stuff and that is what I decided to use if it is a time saver and has a specialized purpose. So now I've cut down on buying stuff unless it serves a purpose I don't have. But I still hear my wife saying 'Get a job, quit wasting time. (i'm retired! yeah sure!). So I'm still working on this and looking forward to my first buck! Talk about work!

If you have a funny story, leave me a post, I like to here about it!


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