Just to let you know, my other site that carries Amazon product ads and my auto-responder has had a major overhaul. It was getting to the point that when I started adding Amazon products to the site along with the other posts, it started getting out of hand because the post list was getting too long. It was getting harder to find other posts and you had to do a lot of scrolling, especially on the iPhone. 

So now I've divided it into specialized sections according to the topic. Now there are 5 separate sites to the information. The main site is like a doorway to the other sites. It also contains the sites policies (Term of Use, Privacy Policy, etc.) here instead of on the other sites. Newsletter sign up form is also located on the main site. There is also a link to get Help Desk help when needed.

There is now a blog site for all topics on the other sites for information. 
There is also two Amazon product sites for posting Amazon products for sale. 
There is also a site for all the sites auto-responder news and updates. 
This in turn make the whole bsmconnect.com site less cluttered.
There is also links to my main BarrySelkMarketing site for tools, tips, and helpful information to jump to on all the sites. 
So now when on the bsmconnect.com you can navigate to any site.

I hope these changes make it easier to use all my sites!

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