As you know, i've added a lot more items that are things I use in making this site. These new thing have to do with getting traffic, hosting, more email sites, and a lot of website tools. Also added product items that I bought and like. Well it got to the point that the topic library was growing to 20 - 30 items long. So I decided because of longer page length on the iPhone while on mobile, I decided to categorize all these items into basic topics. For example the hosting area has sources to get hosting on. So now I've categorized all these into 6 - 10 areas. You go into these areas, and you will find topics related to the category. So now the lists are not as long while using mobile. It will still have the same topics in them. Also the navigation screen and the topic library are set up the same.

This screen shows the basic main topics that allow you to navigate to more specialized sub topics. This was one of the areas that I simplified for getting around. These are broken down into Topic Library Navigation Screen which enters into more information on this area. The Site Topics Navigation Screen is for About Me, Newsletter, Survey, Blog, and Website Policy topics. The Individual Library Topic Navigation screen is a way to access the individual topics in the library faster. All three of these may also allow to go back to the main navigation screen or home, the site topics navigation screen and the individual library topics screen, or the blog. So you have navigation to and from where ever!

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