Here is an update about my autoresponder software. Now I do have on the the GWA Autoresponder. One option I wished it would have is  more tags for first and last name, IP address, Autoresponder Name, site name, dates, etc. Well I've been looking at another autoresponder called Infinite Responder autoresponder. The difference between the two is with GWA you do your editing while in Wordpress desktop admin, which means you have the added steps of login, go to plugin software location and do all your editing and then log out when done. After a while it is more work. So what I have done during the month was research for another autoresponder. The reason I went tword Infinite Responder was it has several additional tags that you can place in the emails which shows current information on the server, of your details. Also all admin for the responder such as adding users, messages, emails, tests, responders, etc. is done on various screens that are very easy to use. My overall first impressions and tests show the responder does duel optin and responds to the form input and sends out messages like it should. It also fits my usage because first it is free and second no monthly costs! If it works ok during the next month, then I'll use it for all my sites later. You can help me with my testing by signing up! 

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