Great news! I have just started my Amazon sales sites and they are now operational. They are located on my BarrySelkMarketing Connect site and you can navigate there by selecting BarrySelkMarketing Connect on the left sidebar. When you arrive on the site read the information located on the main site to get familiar with the navigation.
Now there are two Amazon sale sites on the system. 

The first shows products with comparison to other familiar products. This site is using the AzonProfitPoster plugin to do the work. All you need to do is select and click.

The second site uses the FastLaneCommissions product and is similar to the above site but also includes a video that related to the products. You also select and pick.

I will be posting more products on these two sites, so keep visiting to see what else come up! Also if there is a product you are interested in and don't see it listed, send me a comment or email, and I'll put it on the system. I hope this will become a tool to use to cut down your research when using Amazon.

And remember to sign up for my newsletter because I'll send you information on new product posts.

Thanks for visiting.

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