In case you haven't looked at my Blogger site yet, click on the button above or below when on the phone! These topics have to do with Mobile iPhone Marketing,  Mobile iPhone Game Development, Mobile iPhone Blogging, Mobile iPhone Computer topics. This is information that I found or use for everything that has to do with the Apple iPhone. I decided in the beginning of what I could do and what was possible by using the iPhone as a portable computer tool. Every thing I have discussed is using the iPhone as the computer of choose if possible. The only thing where I have to use the PC to develop for the iPhone is the game development section. All others is using the iPhone as the mobile computer. Take a look and see what is possible! This is my advance site on Blogger.

Now my other option is my topic library, which has to do with just about every thing I've used or do use. It has just about everything under the sun that I've been exposed to. It can be Google topics, Wordpress, Products, whatever. These are sort of seperated by topics, but in some specialized area it's not (easier for me to work with). It will point you to areas on the internet for more information. I call it my toolbox! 


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