Hello and welcome to this area of my website! This section is for the person that wants to start out on the internet, but doesn't know where or how to start. If this is your first time visiting and you are a beginner, I will give you information that will point you in a direction to get you started.  So now is my chance to give back to the internet community with what I have learned and initially may be given to you if possible at little or no cost. 

Some of the products, prices and graphics shown are out of my control, Since I did not create or own them, these are copyrighted by the various product owners.  Also any problems with the products have contact information listed on their site. They can help you better than I can but should any questions come up please let me know so I can be informed.  

Now and then, I will post subjects for the how and why  to show what you need to know for starting out on your internet business.  After all this site is an on going work in progress and the only way to make it better is to have feedback. I appreciate any comments good or bad, after all I'm only human! 
I tried to keep it simple and they may also have a video here and there to help you understand the processes. 
Now in order to keep you up to date on this changes, I may post emails on a future newsletter. The newsletter will inform you of any new topics I post on the website for your information. You can press the following button to fill a signup sheet. If you already signed up for newsletter, you can skip this step.

PS: if you have topics and ideas to make this service better, I'm open for ideas! 

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